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UBC : We are dedicated to bikes world since 2006


Urban Bike Cadiz is a company founded and managed by Mayte Vidal


Always working at the Tourism field and fond of bikes. After growing both profesional an personally while living abroad and in different cities of Spain, I return to my city I decided to study the lack of facilities for Cadiz’s visitors. I ended up with a Project of bike hire and city walking tours.

I started in 2006 with a yelow fleet bikes. Yellow like the color of our sunset, the color of our local football team… of so many things that represent us.

The effort, hard work, commitment, desire that my project come true made possible that I got a small shop near the Cathedral square and put my bikes so everyone could see them. At that point I not only had visitors as customers, locals also wanted to use bikes as transportation. As there was no any shop or workshop for repairs, I opened the store Urban bike Cadiz, providing all the possible services to satisfy all cyclists .

Thanks for the support and assistance of the best, my customers; without them I wouldn’t succeed.

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Fond of bicycles and traveling outside Cadiz with it, have made my hobby, my work, just a privilege, although I try to separate my personal life and work, because always seeing wheels is not good either.

I love the bike as transportation. I take it everyday, and I have passed this philosophy to son. Since he was a child I took him to the school by bike small to school by bike, although initially I took him in his seat and all parents and children watched us, today finally, many of them go by bike and city smiles in the morning … .every year I participate in open days to teach them something new and they are delighted.

We also have the bike as a sport and I opt for mtb. Some sightseeing cycle, going out to the countryside, breath freedom and share good times with friends, that always, to keep on wheels day by day. It’s the only thing that keeps me fit, schedules and family do not let me do all I want.